3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Concrete Flooring

martin helda

Recent designs and innovations of building flooring have slowly brought the once common concrete flooring out of popularity. Many modernized establishments and buildings use a variety of flooring materials all ranging from wooden to carpet flooring. Additionally, flooring options are also available for those conscious of their budget like laminated and vinyl flooring.

However, despite these new competitors and products in the flooring market, a majority of them fall short of the advantages and benefits that concrete flooring offers. Martin Helda, a specialist in flooring, advocates that concrete flooring is an extremely safe and good option that can never go wrong.

While you might not be convinced of the benefits that concrete flooring might have and why you should choose this type of flooring over other types, let’s go over these benefits again and know more about them in the process.

Benefit 1 – Concrete Flooring is Extremely Durable and Versatile

It would come as no surprise that concrete flooring is extremely durable. Concrete flooring’s durable is all thanks to the materials used to make it as they are very durable themselves. What you might not know is the versatility that concrete flooring has because of these materials.

Modern application and techniques for concrete flooring have allowed this type of flooring to evolve and improve from its original design concept. One such innovation is a change from the usual dull gray color concrete flooring is known to have to now have different colors. This is made possible by adding and mixing dyes to the concrete making it adapt a unique color or pattern. Other innovations include adding coatings to make it slip-proof and more resistant to certain elements or adding finishing such as polishing or sealants to make the floor look better.

Benefit 2 – Concrete is Easy to Install and Refurbish

When picking out flooring, one thing you usually don’t consider is the price involved with having to refurbish or replace the flooring when it gets damaged in the near future. Most flooring options would usually have you replace the entire floor even if only a small portion of it gets damaged. This is to prevent things like the designs from clashing and looking awkward.

This issue is completely absent with concrete flooring as any damages such as cracks or holes can easily be fixed without too much effort. Additionally, this type of flooring is significantly easier to implement and install during the construction process as you don’t have to be necessarily skilled to have concrete flooring installed. You get to save on additional labor fees and maintenance fees in the long run with concrete flooring

Benefit 3 – Concrete Flooring is Overall Safer

Most flooring options are usually made of materials that are either flammable or aren’t heat resistant. Most of them are prone to either melting or catching on fire during cases of an uncontrollable fire. Wooden flooring for example becomes a poor choice for houses planning on heating under the floor as they can pose potential fire hazards. With concrete flooring, you don’t have to worry about it becoming a fire hazard as the material it is made of is very resistant to heat and fire. This assures that the floor doesn’t have a risk of giving out or catching on fire during a one, allowing anyone still in the house or building a chance to escape to safety

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