4 Locations in your Home to Have Concrete Flooring

martin helda

Concrete flooring has seen an increase in popularity as of late. While other flooring options are now available in the market making concrete flooring look obsolete, recent innovations and techniques have brought concrete flooring back into popularity. One innovation of concrete flooring is mixing dyes into the concrete to add more color and patterns as well as finishing the flooring with different coatings and sealants to produce a high-quality floor product.

Polished concrete is an example of this innovation with design enthusiasts favoring concrete over the standard wooden flooring. Martin Helda, a professional in the flooring business, expresses his fondness for concrete flooring and would recommend it to many homeowners who are designing their homes.

However, when it comes to designing anything, it is important to hit a balance of form and function. In the case of concrete flooring, you can’t just add it everywhere and anywhere in your home. Here in this article, we will be tackling the best locations you can have concrete flooring and the reason why.


The kitchen is a perfect place to have concrete flooring installed. The main reason is that it is one of the few flooring options available with the least amount of problems associated with the kitchen making it safer and easier to maintain. Many flooring options aren’t as compatible with the kitchen as with concrete, this is mainly because of the heat which is very prevalent in the kitchen. Compared to concrete, other flooring options are very sensitive to the heat often getting warped or faded and becoming a potential fire hazard in the case of wooden flooring.


The next best place to have concrete flooring installed would be your home’s basement. Other than its obvious location, the basement is entirely different from every other room in your home. Flooring in your basement should be very resistant to moisture due to it being exposed directly to the ground. Flooding and leaks can easily lead to your basement’s flooring getting damaged easily if it is not resistant to moisture. It can also be a health hazard because of molds and mildew that might grow because of this moisture. With concrete flooring, you don’t have to worry about any of these as concrete is very resilient to weathering and the elements. It is also easier to repair and maintain than other floorings making you have lesser trips to the basements unless necessary.


For similar reasons to the kitchen, the bathroom is a perfect location to have concrete flooring. It comes as no surprise that concrete would be perfect for the bathroom as the floor is constantly wet. Special coating and finishes can be applied to concrete flooring to prevent slipping and the solid surface that concrete has over the usually tiled flooring makes it look more pleasing and appealing to the eyes.

Car Garage/Driveway

The last location where concrete flooring would be perfect is your garage or driveway. This is because concrete can handle the weight of just about anything. Stability is the best advantage that concrete can offer to your car will be guaranteed a smooth surface to move in and out of. Concrete is also very resistant to wearing and chemicals which is something common with cars. Other flooring options simply can’t handle the weight of the car and offer the same stability that concrete flooring has.

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