Proper Concrete Floor Cleaning Tips

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Martin Helda has been in the industry of concrete flooring installation for a long period of time, hence, if you need concrete floor to be installed in your vicinity, there is no one else to call but his team.

Once the concrete floor is installed, the next thing you have to do is to make sure that it is properly cleaned to keep its beautiful appeal. Do not worry as one of the characteristics of concrete floors is ease of cleaning, hence, expect that cleaning, as well as maintaining it is not as hard to do.

Moving on, here is an easy step you can consider when cleaning concrete floors.

Gather all your supplies

Make sure that all your supplies are available before you start cleaning. You do not want to look for cleaning supplies when you are already starting as that won’t make your cleaning easy and smooth sailing.

The basic cleaning tools you need are the following:

  • Large bucket
  • Mop
  • A mild cleaner
  • Warm water

Avoid using bleach, ammonia or any other highly alkaline or acidic cleaner, as they may damage the finish of the concrete. Good cleaners you can use are castile soap, mild dish soap, ph neutral detergents or floor cleaners, and neutral stone cleaner.

There are cleaning formulas that are specifically made for concrete floors, and that is what you need to use.

Fill the bucket with warm water

In one gallon or 3.8 liters of water, stir in 1/8 to a quarter cup of pH neutral cleanser or mild soap.

Dunk the clean mop in the cleaning solution

Wring the mop thoroughly once it is saturated. Make sure that the mop is slightly damp, as you do not want the water to sit long on the concrete, and of course, you want it to dry quickly so you can use the space again.

Mop the concrete floor in small sections

You have to start from the corner of the room that is farthest from your door, and then make your way towards the door. Re-dipping the floor in the cleaning solution is a good idea once in a while. To help in drying the floor quickly, you can consider using an oscillating fan.

Remove the excess cleaner or soap

Once the entire space is mopped, rinse your bucket and mop, and fill your bucket with warm, clean water. Mop the entire space the same manner so excess cleaner or soap is removed.

You can let it dry, then you can use it as usual once done.

Cleaning a concrete floor is very easy, it does need a professional to do the job. If you are having a hard time doing it on your own, you are free to call a professional cleaner.

Once the floor is clean, expect that you can attain the beauty back like when it was new. Ease of cleaning is one of the many good characteristics of concrete floors you can enjoy. If you want to take advantage of all the good stuff, consider concrete for your floors. 

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