Reasons for the Popularity of Concrete in Construction

You can find most buildings and structures are made of concrete as the primary element. Concrete and concrete contractors like Martin Helda are this popular due to the following reasons.

Affordable and available

You would have seen people crying on seeing the expenditure during construction. However, nobody will include the purchase of concrete in the list of factors making them cry. It is because of the low cost of the product. Among the elements needed for construction, concrete is what is easily available and highly affordable. You can find concrete with all contractors and even can buy in small amounts from a nearby supplier.

Various applications

Another crucial advantage of using concrete is that you can use it for various applications. So, it will not go to waste even if you bought an excess of the stuff.

Better water resistance

When choosing a construction material, you should make sure that it is highly resistant to water. If not, your building may easily get damaged as you cannot prevent the floor or the walls from the water always. However, it is found that the capacity of resisting water is high for concrete than other materials. As water is the primary element in the production of the concrete itself, it could not damage the hardened concrete also. So, it is better to use concrete on buildings or structures that are prone to contact with water. Dams could be the best example of such a structure. However, you should know that water mixed with some chemicals could cause corrosion in concrete.  

Better temperature resistance

Let us assume that the construction material used on your building is highly sensitive to heat. Even if the temperature rises a bit, you could not bear the heat coming out of the floors and walls. In the case of a sudden fire, the structure could not withstand the rising heat. It implies that temperature resistance is a primary factor when it comes to the selection of construction materials. However, concrete is not a friend of temperature. So, you need not worry about its conductivity or any other characteristic that could damage the building. The constituents of concrete can withstand even high temperatures beyond your imagination.

Contain wastes

It may seem like a weird benefit for the users of concrete. However, it is highly beneficial to the environment as concrete could use various waste products as aggregates. So, most manufacturers mix some industrial wastes as aggregates during the production of concrete. Sometimes, such wastes will also increase the strength of concrete to a greater extent.

No or negligible maintenance

Another advantage of using concrete is the reduced maintenance necessities. You need not coat the concrete surfaces with anything like paint to protect them from something. Concrete is non-reactive to any external factor and hence, the structure will remain the same even after ages. So, you can reduce the cost of maintenance that is necessary for some other construction materials. Also, the time taken for such processes could be saved, thus making it a better option.

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