What You Need To Know About Concrete Flooring

martin helda

Floor is equally important as the roofs and the walls, hence thinking carefully on which of the many types of floors to install in your space is a must. Martin Helda, a popular entrepreneur and owner of a commercial concrete flooring, would agree that concrete flooring offers great benefits that are not available on other types of floors.

But before you get so excited and agree to it immediately, you need to know important information about it first.

Where Is The Best Place To Use Concrete Flooring

Although concrete offers massive benefits, it does not suit all environments. Below are a few spaces in a building where concrete floor is highly advised:


Concrete floor offers an airy, ethereal feel to a room, hence making it a perfect choice in the bathroom. It has a good texture, light color, and smooth finish, making any space feel and look significantly open.

If you are looking for a spa feel in the bathroom, you will never go wrong if you choose concrete flooring.  


This type of floor offers some sort of industrial sophistication, making it a perfect choice for people who want to achieve a stylish yet a serious aesthetic.

Dining room and kitchen

These places are where the heaviest traffic in the house takes place, with this, concrete floor can be a perfect choice as it is known for its durability. Also, you do not have to worry about spills, dirt or dust, as cleaning a concrete floor is as easy as a breeze.


Some think that having a concrete floor in their bedroom looks odd and old, but actually it is not the case as today, concrete comes in a wide range of offerings, you cannot believe is possible. Concrete floors now come in a wide variety of stamps, stains and colors, making you find a floor that can fit your goals.  

Types Of Concrete Floor Finishes

The good news is, concrete floor comes in different finishes, and to name 3 of the most used, read below:

Polished concrete floor

Gone are the days when concrete was plain and boring, as today, through different polishing treatments, concrete floors can create replicas of marble, granite, tiles or polished stone. This is a perfect choice if you are looking to achieve a beautiful gloss finish on the floor, polished concrete floor is your best choice.

Hiring a concrete polishing professional is necessary if you want to achieve the best of this type of finish.

Stained concrete floor

This is a perfect option for those who want their floor colorful. Most people prefer brown or gray, but needless to say, you can go for other bolder colors like hues of red or blue.

To achieve a limitless decorative appeal, you can go for acid based chemical or water-based stain.

Acid stained concrete floor

This is what contractors offer to their clients who want to achieve a tile floor look. The technique involves phosphoric or hydrochloric acid mixed in salt then applied to the slab to achieve the perfect tile floor appeal.

There is more to know about concrete floors, and exploring all of it is recommended if you want to get the most out of this option. 

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