Creative Dots

Flexible strings of bright LED dots for creating customized video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility.

The dots can be arranged on many kind of surfaces and building structures. For even more flexibility the Exterior Dot-HP is a connector based solution.

Model Infrastructure Number of dots Dot spacing Max cable lenght Lumen output per dot (clear) Consumption per dot Control Spec sheet System Diagram
VC-Dot 1 String-based dots using VC-Feeder Max 100 dots per string Min: 100 mm
Max: 1000 mm
92 meter
(301 ft)
5 lm 0.95W P3 or DMX link link
VC-Dot 4 Max 64 dots per string Min: 110 mm
Max: 2000 mm
87 meter
(285 ft)
19 lm 1,50W link link
VC-Dot 9 Max 36 dots pers string Min: 150 mm
Max: 2000 mm
45 meter
(148 ft)
55 lm 2,75 W link link
Exterior Dot-HP Individual dots with connectors Max 63 dots Min: 72 mm
Max: 10000 mm
115 meter
(378 ft)
90 lm 5.00 W link link
  • Exterior Dot-HP

    Exterior Dot-HP

    Outdoor rated high output single dots
  • VC-Dot 1

    VC-Dot 1

    Outdoor rated string-based LED dots - small
  • VC-Dot 4

    VC-Dot 4

    Outdoor rated string-based LED dots - medium
  • VC-Dot 9

    VC-Dot 9

    Outdoor rated string-based LED dots - large
  • VC-Feeder


    Multi protocol driver box for VC-Dot series



    Intergrated power supply and data-distribution units