P3 PowerPort


Many of the Martin Creative LED fixtures such as the VDO Fatron, Exterior PixLine, VC-Grid and more are running at 48Vdc and hence require an external power supply unit. The Martin PowerPort family offers a versatile range of solutions, which are all compatible with the complete Martin Creative LED portfolio:

- Martin VDO Fatron
- Martin VDO Dotron
- Martin VDO Sceptron
- Martin VC-Grid
- Martin VC-Strip
- Martin VC-Dot
- Martin Exterior PixLine
- Martin Exterior Dot-HP

All of the above-listed products can be mixed and matched onto the PowerPort units, even on the same daisy-chain. And all of the PowerPort solutions enable a single cable to run power and data to the Creative LED fixtures, while all setup and addressing can be done remotely using a P3 System Controller or RDM-compatible controller.

No matter if you are having an indoor or outdoor system; or running the fixtures with P3 or DMX; a suitable PowerPort solution is available.


  Indoor Outdoor
P3 Control P3 PowerPort 1500
P3 PowerPort 1000 IP
DMX Control DMX PowerPort 375
IP66 PSU 240W


Typical P3 Powerport 1500 System Diagram

Typical P3 Powerport 1000 IP Install System Diagram

Typical DMX PowerPort 375 System Diagram

Typical IP66 PSU 240W System Diagram